Time, money and people

The old business saying is you've only got three resources: time, money and people. In life, you've got two: people and time.  And unlike in business, they aren't mutually exclusive.  In business you can save time, save money and save people (fire, hire or get more efficient) separately or together.

In life, every important person isn't important if they never become part of your time.  A quick email isn't time.  A text isn't time.  And these tools are not timeless.  Better technologies will come along and make communication even easier and faster.  But they won't make our connections stronger.  Only time: the unchangeable, un-improvable, unmistakable resource of our lives, is what we must use to gain our most valuable successes: our relationships.

Waste time, money and people in business.  But waste relationship time and you fail.