Pick up any design or photography 101 book and one of the first lessons you'll read is the proper use of symmetry. You'll see amazing sketches and drawings of French architecture in all-symmetrical glory. Then you'll see the rule of thirds in your photography book illustrating how to draw your observer's eye through a picture rather than give it to them front and center in a boring way. But a five second lesson on this topic could also say: either be symmetrical or don't. There is no in between here. We want simplicity. But we don't know what simplicity always looks like until we see it. We love simple circles but we don't organize our emails around a master visual circle layout. But we do like to shuffle through our music with a ergonomic circle on our iPod.

The takeaway: the horizon isn't always straight in front of us - it never was. If we try like a pilot with a down engine to always keep it centered then we flail and flounder and never have time to focus on what simplicity could exist right in front of our eyes.