Avoid best/worst case scenarios everyday

Ever sit and wonder if the chances you take today will make you into a rockstar?  Or a complete failure?  Will that new deal, new award or press mention be your ticket to the big time?  Or will it be the social media complaint about you or your company that spreads like wildfire and tarnishes your reputation for good? The majority of the time it isn't the big spikes in our lives that form our real trajectory.  It is the everyday slogging through projects, smaller decisions, seemingly little partnerships and plans that steer us in the general direction of those big cliffs or springboards that magnify 10-fold what we've been doing up until then.

That new deal, award or press mention happened because you built a small relationship into a big one, because you earned the award by working harder and smarter for months and because you lived everyday a story that deserves a beyond-the-normal press mention.  And that negative social media post?  Probably the canary in the mineshaft of your everyday culture or customer service commitments day in and day out.

Rarely do single events land us in the best or worst case scenarios for our lives, but it is easier to blame our circumstances on them.   They get more attention by everyone and they're easier to hang our hats on.  But most of all, they mean we don't have to change our everyday behavior.  What scenario are you walking towards?