OMGWHAWSID? by Innovative Thunder

Every once in a while I find myself in "farmer" mode, rather than in "hunter" mode when trying to grow my company's audience and engagement.  I find myself learning more than acting.  Fine for a lazy Sunday, not fine for start up mode. I know my ideas need to quickly turn into well thought out,  actionable tasks, but with the digital age, the distribution of my message or call to action could take a hundred different forms.  Forms that are always being tweaked, updated, integrated and improved to reach more people more quickly and in more ecosystems where they live and communicate.

Every week, Mashable lists 25 or 30 "essential social media resources you may have missed".

Well, shit.

How can I spend all this time creating great ideas when I have to spend twice as much time figuring out the latest and greatest way to actually spread my idea?  And, why am I letting myself think this way?  I know it is wrong.

Then I find this book.  Aside from the clever pay with a tweet distribution example the writers created (generated over 16k downloads in 3 days), it actually gives me perspective and ways of thinking correctly through this M.C.Escher-ish-all-digital-age-clusterf-ck.

Oh my God, thank you Innovative Thunder...would've liked to have known you when I was at CP+B.

Download the book here...after you tweet, of course.