Unlimited problem

Seth Godin has another good take on our assumptions about human behavior. We THINK we all want unlimited, more and more and more.  But, often when we know that our options are unlimited, we do less or nothing at all.

College students often hear "you have your whole life ahead of you, do whatever you want".  "Your options are unlimited".  This is bad advice.

Good advice is "you have an innate ability to deal with people, get deals done and bring people together...use these talents to your advantage because they are what you like to do...and DON'T become an accountant, you'll hate it."  Or, "you are great at analyzing things and seeing the details that have big repurcussions...and DON'T become a salesman, you'll hate it."

Too often we forgo our favorite because we think there is plenty of time to try everything else first.  Life is to short.  It is scarce.  Let's not kid ourselves.