Ideas and vacuums

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="358" caption="I know this is the wrong type of vacuum...who cares. "][/caption]We get great ideas all the time for our business. But, we run a business so it's only about 10% of them that ever actually get to the point where we a) whip out the checkbook b) put it on our to do list c) promote it.

But should that number really be 10%? I mean, couldn't we find some way to keep from throwing these great ideas into the "what if we would've done that?" pile?

There is a way. Stop keeping all these great ideas to yourself. Tell people...anyone that matters to the business and see what they think. I know, telling a customer or fan or competitor about crazy thoughts that go on in your head is about as appealing as walking up to the hottest girl in the bar and telling her about a dream you had last week, but you never know what will come out of it.

Sometimes they know someone who can help, or some way to do it quickly and cheaply, or how if you tweaked it a little or changed it from offline to online it would work.

The bottom line: if you keep all your great ideas to yourself...whether if you think "we can handle that ourselves" or "we just need to meet 5 more times to get it right...then we'll do it", it doesn't matter. What matters is you're allowing your idea to sit in a vacuum. Great ideas don't grow in a vacuum. They don't get better. They don't launch. They don't spread.

Get your ideas out of your vacuum and into the hands of others if they need to to get done. Otherwise stop wasting time coming up with great ideas.