Why being my own worst critic is working.

We're growing our business.  We're laying the foundation for bigger and smarter leaps.  So why do I sometimes think that it isn't good enough? Why does that sometimes keep the mood more somber?  But, it's working...so: Why is being your own worst critic effective?

Because you ask all the questions first.  Before the customer, before the user, before the investor or the partner.  Sure, you don't know all the answers.  And sometimes you are asking the wrong questions: tunnel vision questions or macro when you should worry about micro.

But, the key is that you're keeping perspective on where you need to go and what you need to do to get there.  The quick failures get harsh criticism and you move on rather than play nice with your shortcomings or mistakes.

So, continue to learn from your mistakes, but do it more quickly and more harshly so you remember the pain of bad decision making.

...and I'll continue being my own worst critic because it is working.