Simple is hard. Complicated is easy.

When your problem is simple, then your checklist had better be simple. But it gets easy to throw in meetings, calls, brainstorming sessions, desk cleanings, procrastination sessions.  These seem like they're necessary for big projects to get done.  But, they're not.

It is hard to keep your checklist to 5 daily tasks...make that 3 daily tasks.  Do them, and do them well.  Create busy work for yourself and you're succumbing to the lizard brain that Seth Godin talks about.  It is hard to keep things simple and keep your daily tasks direct and measurable.  It is hard because we naturally want to solve more problems rather than go deeper on one we just solved.

If you're going to take a simple solution to a simple problem, do the hard work.  Say  no 99% of the time to anything that doesn't allow you to execute your simple solution.  Say no 99% of the time to people that want to distract you from the simple solution.