Conquering the enemy within...and staying UPBEAT.

Disclosure: the author, Rajesh Setty (@RajSetty), of the below book review is a friend that I've been fortunate enough to know.  Rajesh is an investor, entrepreneur, author (first book published at 13!) and speaker.  His advice on the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship are inspiring and motivating to say the least.

The review:

There are a TON of 'self help' books out there that get into the philosophy of why we're not happy, but they don't offer simple direction on what we should be thinking, when we should be thinking it and what the positive results will be if we act properly on those thoughts, moods and attitudes. Most of all, they don't come in a format that reads more like a manual (which we all need) that can be read over and over, for the reader to discover something new each time.

The first time I read the book a few sentences hit me like a ton of bricks. I wrote them on a piece of paper above my desk. The next time I read the book (1st sign that it is a valuable book!!) I found 3 more sentences that made me literally change the way I was interacting with people that day. The results? More than I expected.

If you are an entrepreneur or ever want to be successful in your personal OR professional life, read this book. Act on it DAILY. Then read it again 2 weeks later. Did you see better results? I did.  And I've read a lot of these types of books before.

Rajesh knows what he is talking about. A great author in this space doesn't just study life's interactions and the success of others, a great author lays out the blueprint that worked from his own successes and lessons learned from failure...what an honest concept that makes me want to stay upbeat.

Click here to buy the book and here to learn more about Rajesh.