Week 2 @ExcelerateLabs: User Acquisition Strategy

Another week, another set of great meetings.  The quality of the conversations are getting better too. If you want to follow some of the mentors, here is my twitter list.

Before our last meeting with Mike from LinkedIn, we met with Sam and got some immense focus: don't just show up on demo day with a great product you "just know" everyone will love...show up with a solid, focused way to show "this is how we will get 100k, then 1m, then 10m users, etc".  Tell that story that leaves the audience saying "how do I get in on this".

As I go through a pile of notes from the past few days I'm seeing patterns and we're starting to crystalize where we need to focus.  After all, 3 half-assed strategies will fail and 1 full-on strategy has the best chance of succeeding.  It is getting the feedback on these 3 strategies we've laid out that helps the most.

Last, we're getting to know the other teams here really well...happy hour last night was great.  We all need to blow off some steam and that was needed.

Chicago is cold and rainy...but great for a run today. Here was the view: