Week 3 @ExcelerateLabs: Focus, test, build

The Excelerate Labs Mentor Twitter list was popular, so keep checking it out...I'll be adding more tomorrow. We had another insane week, but we're starting to get focused:

1. We validated some assumptions and ditched some others.

2. We are beginning interviews, focus groups and user testing this week.

3. We are BUILDING parts of our new site this week...I'm really impatient about this one.

One of the most important questions we were asked was "what percentage of your app features come from your users VS your vision?". Ummm, 70/30?  90/10? The wrong 90/10?  Ouch.  That is why we are hammering on learning like crazy and quickly building to test and iterate...no more long builds and long guesses here.

One book I'm dusting off is Positioning...there are far too many ways in our industry to be bland and generic...we CANNOT succumb to trying to be like everyone else.  User experience is a big part of that.  Communicating to get users to experience us is just as important.

Here's to another great week.  One week at a time.

View from our sublet (we actually have an apartment to call our own, at least for the next couple months):