How to use dropbox to host your website for free

If you're just practicing front end development you don't need a web host to test pages out on mobile or any other device. This only works for basic 'static' sites (no database javascript, etc) but is perfect to see something online quickly.  For doing mobile and html5 development when you don't want to keep using iOS simulator (or don't believe it or want to send to friends Android devices to see how things lay out) it is perfect.

1. Put the index.html file in the Public folder (include CSS, JS files and folders as well)

2. Create the public URL for sharing like normal

3. Email, text, etc to yourself and open as normal on your mobile device.

4. If you want to get really fancy and put a customized domain with it:

  1. Go to settings in your domain admin (godaddy has it in domain management / information).
  2. Forward to your Dropbox URL
  3. You can mask (keeps the new domain) or unmask (forwards to the dropbox URL)

*If you totally screw up your files Dropbox even has versioning...not that you'd want to depend on it that much.

*It will take a few mins for changes to take effect and you'll want to clear cookies in your browsers if you're making a ton of changes.

Hope this helps.  Any comments: andy at odower dot com