Hey sports fans, I need your feedback: hashti.me

**update** I've since taken hashtime offline.

I was watching the NFL Football Chiefs lose their season opener two weeks back.  OK, I wasn't watching all that much because they're not so awesome anymore and I'm not so much a huge fan anymore. So I started playing around with Twitter Bootstrap, a "sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development".  The scaffolding is all about responsive web design.  It is cool enough.  I like jquery mobile a lot however.  This is different but since the whole demo was using Twitter I figured what the hey.

I thought a few weeks before "wouldn't it be cool if you could follow a game and teams all in once place without firing up TweetDeck?".  The entire sports universe isn't probably up to that type of social stream management...yet.  They'll have this in fantasy apps, but here's hashti.me anyway:


I only input a couple games and have more plans, but no reason to continue without good honest feedback.

*no, hashti.me isn't a drug reference. it is a quick attempt at Twitter reference + sports reference + $3.99 godaddy credit = brevity

*go landscape mode in iPhones (iPad is fine)...CSS isn't playing so nice with me right now when tweets appear.

*there is a better way than iframes (I know) but for now developing on the api is second to getting feedback on the proof of concept.

*if you're logged into Twitter you can post from within the page, but scrolling can still be a bit funky.

*Go Chiefs.