What success looks like

Most people can't define what success looks like, even when they are getting ready to spend massive amounts of time and energy working on something.

Is it qualitative?  "I'll feel good about myself for just accomplishing this."

Is it quantitative? "I'll be able to do X amount of pull ups" or "I'll be able to make X amount a week consulting" or "I'll be able to pay off X amount of debt a month by then".  

Most people aren't sure.  They feel that something is just right to do, but then subconscious feelings of treading water get them down.  Then they quit, not fully knowing where they stood in their progress.  

Next time you are going to start something, ask yourself:

Who?  Who am I answering to?  What would they say? "You met X goal making X amount of money by X time?"...is that right?  Even if you're answering to yourself what are you demanding?

What?  What do I need to help me get there?  Tools, people, research? 

When? What day/time/hour will I set to check my progress? 

Where?  Where am I willing to go to do this?  Places I've never been skill set wise?  Out of my comfort zone?  

Why?  Have I backed up and answered the REAL root issue?  Am I rushing off with busy work to attack a symptom or am I disciplined enough to back up and attack the real goal/challenge/opportunity?  

How?  How will I measure this?  Money, time, clicks, etc?

Don't answer these critical questions and you'll just waste your time and those who try to help you fumble through pointless work.

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